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Name:Dan Phantom
Birthdate:Sep 16
Dan Phantom

Young Danny Fenton, he was just 14, when his parents built a very strange machine -


Danny Fenton used to be a superhero.
Not quite the conventional superhero - his powers were an accidental gain, like many of the, but he became half ghost - half exactly what he was trying to protect his home town, Amity Park, from. Revealing his abilities would be a serious problem, as his parents were ghost hunters - so instead, he put up with being hunted occasionally himself, under the persona of 'Danny Phantom,' to continue using his powers and keeping his home safe. It made his life hard, his grades starting to slip and his parents suspicious of him constantly staying out late, but his best friends Sam and Tucker supported him, and now he could fly and turn invisible and phase through walls, and usually it was all worth it.
Danny Fenton used to be a superhero. Then everyone died.
Then came the CAT test, the Career Aptitude Test - the thing meant to determine your entire future. Danny didn't have enough time to study, and decided that his powers entitled him, just this time, a break - he was going to steal the answer key and cheat.
His teacher, Mr. Lancer, noticed. He called Danny and his parents to a nearby fast food joint, the Nasty Burger, for a teacher-parent conference , and Danny's sister and friends came along for moral support.
The Nasty Burger had been damaged from an earlier ghost fight. While they were there, the flammable vats exploded. Danny was the only one who survived.
Danny took shelter with his former arch-enemy, Vlad Masters, the only other existing half-ghost at the time. In a misguided attempt to get rid of his guilt and help him recover, they decided to rip out Danny's ghost half. And that's when everything went wrong.
The guilt did get ripped out with Danny's ghost half, but the ghost, anguished and panicked, decided that Vlad was attacking it. It stole the Ghost Gauntlets, used to seperate ghost and human, and did the same to Vlad - and when Vlad's menacing ghost half was thrown out, panicked even more and tried to possess it. Half and half made a full ghost, and they fused into - Dan.
The newly formed ghost, filled with grief, anger, guilt, and more than a little madness from Vlad's ghost half, blamed the human Danny for failing to protect his family. Dan murdered him, then burst out of Vlad's home, heading back to Amity Park.
With such negative emotions causing his birth, and with previous memories of both halves influencing him, the only way Dan could think of to deal with what he still felt was his loss was destroy all reminders of it. He was chased out by Valerie, Danny's classmate and also a ghost hunter, but not before causing massive desctruction. Soon, a large portion of Amity Park was protected by a ghost shield, a forcefield, and Dan was forced to leave - for the moment.
He spent ten years increasing his strength and honing skills in both the human and ghost worlds, his mentality getting more and more twisted, more far gone, the more he murdered and destroyed. Destroying all remnants of his past as Danny became his obsession.
Then he learned the Ghostly Wail, and broke through the shield. Just as he was destroying the remainder of Amity, Clockwork interfered.
Clockwork is ghost of time, and he had meddled previously, though in what way Dan refuses to explain. In this case, he decided the way to end the threat of Dan permanently was to drag forward a Danny, one from just before the CAT test, to see what would become of him. Dan, running into the past version of his dominant portion, percieved the threat, and trapped Danny in the future, traveling back in time himself in disguise to ensure events ran as they were meant to.
Danny, however, managed to escape back to his present, with the help of the fully human Vlad. It took incredible efforts to defeat Dan, including a ghost-nuetralizer that he overloaded, several explosions, and two of Danny's own newly-learned Ghostly Wails. Dan was sucked into the Fenton Thermos, a containment device for ghosts, and the Thermos was given to Clockwork to keep safe. Dan's future was averted, with only Dan himself as a final existing remnant of it.
For this version of Dan, Clockwork eventually released him from the Thermos. His reasons for doing so are unclear to anyone but him, but, knowing him, he's probably planning ahead for something that will actually turn out better for Dan's presence. In any case, Dan cannot actually leave Clockwork's tower - he no longer exists in the main timestream, so leaving without Clockwork's influence helping would mean him vanishing entirely.


Dan is a full ghost, and as such has a fixation that his very core is built up around. For Dan, this is getting rid of all reminders from his past. It's theoretically possible to change his obsession to something else, but this would require a large amount of effort and time, something most people can't really spend on him what with his murderous tendencies. Most don't want to, anyway.
He's built up a distinct lack of empathy over the years to cope with what his obsession is - to the point that he actually enjoys destroying things and messing with people. He knows exactly how much power he has and takes great glee from using it in whichever way he finds entertaining at the time. He does have quite a sense of humour, but most of his jokes are dark and twisted, amusing to only him. Schadenfruede, you might say.
He can still befriend people, but it's sort of a hit and miss thing. He's most likely to enjoy the company of people with a similar idea of what's funny, but that's not necessarily a guarantee. Another possible way to get into his good graces is to fight with him and offer him a challenge, but lose to him. Other than that - just hope. That's if there really is someone who actually wants to become friends, for whatever insane reason.
He has a lot of determination inherited from Danny, and can be very conniving and clever, a trait from his Vlad half. On the other hand, his biggest flaw is his temper - infuriate him enough and he'll drop any and all clever plots he's decided to use instead of brute force and come in swinging instead.
He hates any and all implications that he's not his own person, rather than a mix of Danny and Vlad's ghost halves. Yes, that's his origin, but he'll steadfastly insist he's now unique, someone completely different. Hilariously enough, he's still perfectly fine with considering their memories his own - mostly Danny's, as the dominant portion of the original equation - unless someone points it out.
He has - more than a little claustrophobia after being locked in the Thermos for some time. It usually doesn't come up, though, considering that he can go intangible.


- Invisibility
- Intangibility
- Flight
- Ghost Speed/Strength
- Overshadowing (Possession)
- Ectoplasmic Manipulation (usually in the form of rays or spheres of energy, but this includes a lot of other things, such as shields)
- Duplication (of self - however, the more duplicates, the harder it is to focus)
- World Hopping (normally between human and ghost zones - currently useless without a medallion from Clockwork)
- Ghostly Wail (highly destructive sonic shockwave based attack)

"I'm still here. I still exist. That means you still turn into me."
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